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Cobla Maricel amb Pere Puertas. (Pau Casals. El so de la Pau)

Friday 9 de August de 2024 | 22.00h

Plaça Josep Sarquella

The sound of peace is a concert with music for couplet and cello. This combination is not new, but it has never before been presented with a script that highlights Catalan music of the 20th century, the century of the great wars, and its role in the struggle for peace.

It goes without saying that the life and work of Pau Casals will be present, due to his legacy as a cellist and his pacifist activism, but we will also hear scores by other authors closely linked to popular music, such as Enric Morera and Eduard Toldrà or others more related
with concert music, such as Joan Manén or Amadeu Vives.

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