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Els Ministrils del Raval

Thursday 8 de August de 2024 | 19.00h

Parc dels Països Catalans

From the very beginning, a fictitious character has always accompanied the Ministrils del Raval: La Filomena, who stars in a tavern song that is part of the group’s musical repertoire. In fact, his first album bore that title. And on each of the other albums that the group has released, a version of La Filomena, with new stanzas, is included.

Traditional music and food go hand in hand in this show. We propose a dialogue between the present and the past; between the current speed and the slowness before; between the rush and the calm; between fast-food and xup-xup… Between a woman of today, Alba, and one of the past, her aunt Filomena. A woman who was not what women were supposed to be. For Filomena, every meal was a journey, and every music was food. We are lucky, if we have food and songs, because they help us live life.

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