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Playmodes & Catalan Folk Messengers. Concerts multimèdia

Saturday 10 de August de 2024 | 22.00h

Plaça de la Capella del Carme


The music fades out.

Time, which makes it possible, is also the one that erases it. It survives in an instant and disappears, perhaps leaving an imprint on our memory. We try to fix the memory through sheet music, notes or recordings, but the result is always the same: the music escapes us, like water between our fingers.

Contorns, for couplet and electronics, is an attempt to freeze the imprint of the music through video-projected graphic notation and interpreted by the musicians. Spectral landscapes that outline the expressive contours of the instruments and that, during a small window of time, allow us to intuit future listening.

Composed through algorithmic and generative processes, the piece is inspired by the musicalization of geological processes. Mud, sediments, crystallization and dust as ingredients of a music that serves as a microscopic atlas for phenomena on a superhuman time scale.


Playmodes is a tandem of digital artisans.

Santi Vilanova and Eloi Maduell, trained in the fields of graphic design, musical composition and computer engineering, conceive works of visual music at the crossroads between art, science and research.

Xavi Molina: Tenor
Adrià Bauzó: Tenor
Jordi Casas: Tible
Raul Gallego: Trumpet
Pep Moliner

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